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Why New?

Sometimes the residential resale market doesn't have quite what you're looking for. Although there are a number of options available, it can be tough to find something that checks every box on your list. New construction can help to solve this problem.

Although many new developments have their floor plans set prior to releasing the lots for sale, each model often has different elevations and a variety of upgrades to choose from. This allows the buyer a degree of customization. Rather than needing to make changes to a previous owners design, a new build gives you the opportunity to live in something that displays your style from day one.

For an even more personalized home, there's always the option to purchase vacant land and partner with a builder. This is a more costly approach, but the end result is having the dream home that you've envisioned and helped to create.

House Frames

Why Vu?

Many Realtors will be willing to help you purchase a new build, but not all of them are aware of how the process differs from residential resale. From deposit structure to cooling off periods and even the forms upon which the agreement is written, there are many aspects that aren't the same as the traditional resale market.

Having focused on the new construction side of real estate, Peter Vu has become familiar with the process and knows the right questions to ask developers in order to protect his clients. Buying a home is exciting...but nothing takes away that excitement like finding out right before closing that you owe an additional ten thousand dollars in development charges.

To Peter, there's nothing more important than making sure his buyers are properly prepared and protected.

Why TW?

Having the right Realtor is a huge asset. When that Realtor is paired with the best brokerage in the region, that's a recipe for success. Over the years, TrilliumWest has partnered with a large number of builders and this has resulted in some great relationships being built.


Peter has been in contact with many representatives from different builders, but from time to time, he runs into somebody new. This is where it pays off to have the backing of the TrilliumWest name. The excellent reputation of TW helps to start things off on the right foot even if no personal relationship has been previously established.

Have a home to sell? Not a problem!

Peter and his team have experience selling homes all across the region. By developing unique marketing strategies for each home and educating their sellers, they are able to create a smoother transaction with the best results possible.

Making sure your home is exposed to not only the largest audience, but the right target audience is what allows us to achieve these results. This is only part of the equation, but it's a part that we take great pride in.

Want a little more detail on how we get the job done? Check out the TW Marketing Universe.​ This approach has been, and continues to be, extremely successful. Take a look at the numbers to see just how effective our methods are.

TW Marketing Universe


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Peter Vu

Sales Representative

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