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Sara Languay - Sales Representative

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Living in the city with summers on the lake. I couldn’t have asked for more growing up. Little did I know that years later, this would provide me with some valuable knowledge that I could put to use in my career on a daily basis. Not only have I developed a great familiarity with real estate in the city, but those cottage days also helped me to understand the workings of wells, septic systems, riparian rights and everything that goes along with owning and maintaining a cottage.


I love helping people buy and sell homes in Guelph and surrounding areas, but I also love helping people find their home away from home. That peaceful retreat up north where they can relax and unwind.

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I believe that educating my clients is one of the most important steps involved in helping them reach their real estate goals. Even before starting to view properties or putting one up for sale, it's crucial to make sure that buyers and sellers are properly prepared. Being made aware of current market conditions and understanding the general buying and selling process minimizes stress and allows for a much smoother transaction.

It's all about the client. Their experience, their convenience and most importantly their investment. My experiences with city, country and cottage real estate provide me with the knowledge required to put the client first and ensure that they're well protected.

Looking to start your search for a new home? Check out our Buyer Guide to learn a little more about the process.



Having the right Realtor is a huge asset. When that Realtor is paired with the best brokerage in the region, that's a recipe for success. When I got into real estate, I knew right away that TrilliumWest was the brokerage for me. With their community involvement, organizational culture and unparalleled marketing system, I would've been doing my clients a disservice by going anywhere else.


It was essential for me to find a brokerage whose views aligned with mine. I'm proud to represent the TW brand and thrilled that they care about my clients' happiness and success as much as I do!

My team and I have experience selling homes all across the region. By developing unique marketing strategies for each home and educating our sellers, we are able to create a smoother transaction with the best results possible.

Making sure your home is exposed to not only the largest audience, but the right target audience is what allows us to achieve these results. This is only part of the equation, but it's a part that we take great pride in.

Want a little more detail on how we get the job done? Check out the TW Marketing Universe.​ This approach has been, and continues to be, extremely successful. Take a look at the numbers to see just how effective our methods are.



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Sara Languay

Sales Representative

11-292 Stone Road West, Guelph ON, N1G 3C4  |  Tel: 226-979-0656

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Sara Languay, Sales Representative

TrilliumWest Real Estate Brokerage LTD

(226) 979-0656

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